Nude Life drawing & Landscape sketching

//Nude Life drawing & Landscape sketching
Nude Life drawing & Landscape sketching 2018-02-24T20:06:17+00:00

(this page is under construction at the moment.  Precise information will be present soon.)

English spoken drawing and painting  courses
Sketching & painting of nude & dressed life models, landscapes and seasides
in The Hague, Rotterdam & Barcelona

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What to experience

Depending on the size of the group, and the interest to combine these theme’s, all of these courses will take place in locations where models and / or sceneries of landscapes have a fascinating scenery to experience that unique opportunity to draw ‘en plein air’ (in the open air).

For ages and ages, the narrating intensity of the human body is present and expressed firmly in paintings.
With each individual godly appearance as a human creature made of flesh, we can  play roles in all kinds of our divine stories and shows.
We manifest the characters we created with our fantasy by playing the body like an instrument.
It’s the way to share the stories : Body language, expression …in theater. film, photos and paintings.
That’s why you will exercise the 3D drawing of all kinds of body-languages in Dauwart’s classes with live female and  male models.



When / Where ?

Life model, Landscape & seaside sketching

  • from march to june / september to november in co-working center in Wijnhaven Rotterdam
  • in August on the beach of The Hague
  • in april & may next to the beaches of Barcelona (Poblenou)


– In The Hague we know where to go to settle down on quiet beaches with a sun bathing life model, surrounded by nature

A special edition of 4 lessons life drawing and sea side sketching on the beach of The Hague will be presented in the weekends! Experience this!

  • You can join 4 lessons during 5 saturdays or sundays
    from last weekend of july to last week of august


  • You can join 4 lessons during 5 tuesdays or wednesdays
    tuesdays 6 sept. – 27 sept.
    wednesdays 7 sept. – 28 sept.
  • You can join 4 lessons during 5 tuesdays or wednesdays
    tuesdays 4 oct. – 25 oct.
    wednesdays 5 oct. – 26 oct.

NOV. :  BARCELONA  / @  ‘Co-Working’ 100 metres from a nice beach !

A special series of lessons will be practised in the inspiring creative space of ‘Co-Working’
(or outside at the unique square just in front of the building) located very close to the beach.
We will speak more interactive in English & Spanish about our theories, perspectives,
practicals and experiences while observing and drawing the model. Its a cultural & artistic
layered conversation exchange for locals who want to intensify English and expats who want to intensify Spanish. So…’ll be fun!

  • data will be in december but exact details will follow here soon.


possibility can be anytime (weekends included) after consultation

Want to join with a group? Please let us arrange your chilling nude drawing course.
call us to find the best day & time which fits for us all.



For whom ?

Are you a beginner, or advanced drawer or artist? You can all participate together. We have precise instructions for each profession ready for you.
The excercises are different from traditional methods, as Dauwart does not only provide the technical approaches.

How ?

4 lessons during 2 hours:
8 hours of DauwArt lessons (All material, nude model, decor & lights, drinks, wine & snacks included). In a period of 5 evenings you can spread your 4 lessons, in case you can’t join the course one time, during the course.


Try-out Trial lessons
First lesson of 4 is a try out lesson and it only costs € 15,- (to cover the costs of the nude model with the group). You’ll pay this cash just before starting to draw. You can continue or quit after this one.

€ 15,- trail lesson (cash please)
€ 75,- for the other 3 lessons
€ 80,- from start if you’re sure about joining the entire course ( € 10,- extra discount )

Search for events on facebook

Search on facebook for the Dauwart Nude drawing event if you like.
You also can read, see, and chat a little more with us about precise information.